Asagao Customer reviews Wren's Leather Cream Classic, nourishment and shoe polish cream for smooth and grained leather, quality and prestige since 1889 (black):Asagao
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Customer reviews Wren's Leather Cream Classic, nourishment and shoe polish cream for smooth and grained leather, quality and prestige since 1889 (black):Asagao

Wren's Published in October 22, 2018, 8:41 pm
Customer reviews Wren's Leather Cream Classic, nourishment and shoe polish cream for smooth and grained leather, quality and prestige since 1889 (black):Asagao

Customer reviews Wren's Leather Cream Classic, nourishment and shoe polish cream for smooth and grained leather, quality and prestige since 1889 (black):Asagao

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Jenny Reviewer
Jenny Reviewer Reply to on 21 November 2016
I'm travelling at the moment and had this delivered, together with a pack of 20 disposable polishing cloths, to my hotel via Amazon Prime today because quite simply my scuffed shoes were in a disgraceful state. But after 10 minutes of elbow-grease, this excellent product has transformed them. It is a high-quality cream polish which feeds the leather whilst restoring the colour and shine. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than other brands, but well worth it. Highly recommended!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 February 2018
I find cleaning and polishing shoes therapeutic, which means I've done a lot of it over the years. I've always used Kiwi polish, because you just do, and a variety of leather treatments. I thought I'd try this for a change.
Firstly, it goes on wet. Very wet use sparingly or it'll take a week to dry (Alright, 30 minutes). A little really does go a long way. Wait for it to dry and polish. Secondly, what a shine! You can get a good shine on quality leather in about 30 seconds, but if you push it and buff with a cloth after a brush and really put some elbow grease in, it gets glassy. I can't see myself in the boots as yet, but for a first shine with a new product, it's spectacular and that mirror finish is within reach.
Jury is still out on how it bears up to wear and water, but at the moment I'm impressed.
Eleimon Gonis
Eleimon Gonis Reply to on 10 January 2018
I was after a transparent cream to help me bring my everyday leather shoes back to life as it were.

I came across Wren’s in an Amazon search and like so many other reviews, I thought I should give it a go. And so I did.

The application of the cream is easy, especially when it’s done properly using a suitable cloth. I suggest it is done in a sequence of circular movements to ensure that maximum area is covered. Also, the shoes need to be quite clean prior to applying the cream, as this really helps bring out the shine!

The result is equally amazing. It does really help the shoe by bringing a shine to it; I found that it also partly protects against rain and moisture, which is an added bonus!

Nevertheless, two main things to note. The first is self-evident: this is a transparent cream in the sense that it does not hide any scuffs or anything. As a matter of fact, it might even bring them out more depending on the colour of the shoe, the size of the scuff, discolouration, etc. The second thing is that it does not last for too long. I think that after three-four days of proper use of shoes, it loses its fade and one should start the whole cycle all over again!

Altogether though a very good product!
Dante Reply to on 12 November 2017
The product offers good quality in the fact it takes very little time in buffing to achieve a high quality shine , the quality is superior to other brands such as kiwi in that aspect but the price is the only factor holding this product back ,
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 May 2017
A good leather cream. I have used it on a couple of Filofax binders, and it is very good. As far as I can see, this is suitable for any leather item, from boots to waistcoats to leather hats. It is quite runny, and goes on very easily. Unless your leather is dry, you don't need to use much. I left it to soak in for a few minutes (if that is really happening ... I have no idea) before buffing to a really satisfying finish. I'll come back for more before it runs out.
andrea Reply to on 24 August 2018
Firstly we have not used this on shoes !! We had very poor leather on our dining chairs through use over the years and cleaning.
We were looking to replace the chairs but my husband suggested shoe cleaner. We used what we had in the house and it was ok but I needed more so I bought this. It is so creamy and has even mostly covered a very cracked back of one chair! It went on great and seemed to even out as it dried which did not take very long!
I would NEVERZ suggest shoe cleaner on leather but if you have something like we did that was about to be thrown then this is definitely worth a go!
Obviously there is ALOT of buffing and then some MORE buffing but it is worth it!
If we can use the chairs without any polish coming off on our clothes- which we are confident of, then we will have saved ourselves a lot of money! I really like our chairs so I am delighted!
I would have thought this cleaner would be fab to clean shoes!
Artek Reply to on 20 April 2018
A truely great product.
Recently a bought a second hand (very)-Dark-brown leather jacket. All Saints leather for a bargain price. But it wasn't black. I dyed it with a leather dye, but the leather lost its shine, its aesthetic quality. It was dry and unappealing.

This product in this quantity is the right amount to restore 1 jacket.
Mine has now recovered its splendour. Will definitively buy again next time I restore one of my leathers.
Grace Reply to on 19 November 2016
Like putting moisturiser on dry skin - so satisfying and makes leather look and feel great without a long wait for it to dry and no smell.
SlaineX Reply to on 15 February 2018
The older I get, the more I find myself wanting to spend a little bit more money on items of quality and maintain them rather than replace them. This is a great cream that I use for my boots (and a leather briefcase recently) to stop the leather from drying out.
Lew Reply to on 10 May 2018
Wren's Leather Cream is so amazing, my blue leather shoes which are quite a few years old not only look clean but brand new too. Using a cloth in a circular motion as recommended, Wren's Leather Cream was instantly absorbed by the leather and all the dirt and scuff marks disappeared on my shoes. It's brilliant. Thank you for the speedy delivery too.
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