Asagao Natural History Museum N5130 Dinosaur Torch and Projector:Asagao
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Natural History Museum N5130 Dinosaur Torch and Projector:Asagao

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum Published in October 22, 2018, 8:29 pm
 Natural History Museum N5130 Dinosaur Torch and Projector:Asagao

Natural History Museum N5130 Dinosaur Torch and Projector:Asagao

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sarah Reply to on 21 March 2018
I bought this as a stocking filler for my 2 year old soon, having read reviews and thought why not give it a go and it is now one of his favourite toys! it was such a hit my 3 year old begged for one! The torch is a lot smaller in real life than the pictures in the advertisement, but that’s not a negative as it suits my children’s little hands just perfectly and does exactly what it’s meant too. We have had endless fun with this from dinasour hunting, to hide and seek. It is the go to tool now for when my toddler is upset come bedtime and a way of getting him into his cot and settled down, he is just fascinated. To all those woundering should I? ... yes you should.
Judith Gildart
Judith Gildart Reply to on 27 April 2017
Bought two of these torches for the Grandchildren (3 and 4) and they loved these. We went for a dark walk, and ended up 'being chased by dinosaurs' it really fired up their imaginations (Grandkids pointing torch backwards and running) it was hilarious. They take the torches everywhere with them. Discs are quite small put the Grandkids were still able to switch them over in the torch. Worth every penny.
Emily H.
Emily H. Reply to on 11 September 2017
This is a fun toy and a great idea. For the dinosaur projections onto walls or ceilings to be clear, you need to be quite specific about your distance away from the surface, so they tend to come out quite blurry. But for the money I'd say it's worth it, if only for the torch. My child loves playing with the torch, reading under his covers and building dens, and he does play with the dinosaur discs.
Keith Reply to on 18 April 2017
Bought as a present for my grandson, who is so into dinosaurs.
Pop in a "wheel" of slides, adjust for focus (easy) and shine on wall or ceiling.
Good selection of pictures, from whole dinosaurs to close up of teeth and claws.
CarolineF Reply to on 21 September 2017
Much smaller than I expected. Not good value for £6.
Kids enjoyed it but the little photo discs are so small and there is nowhere to keep them that we've lost them all after 3 days. Now we just have a very expensive small plasticy torch that would be overpriced in a pound store.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 July 2017
Firstly this is small In size but is the perfect size for little hands. My son is 3 and he absolutely adores this. He takes it to bed every night, we swap the slides over and use the focus to zoom into the detail, it's just brilliant. It's the perfect stocking filler and comes with batteries too!
James M
James M Reply to on 16 October 2012
Bought this for a friends 5th birthday and he loved it. Worth the money, would make a good stocking filler.
Lilly Reply to on 18 March 2016
okish wouldn't say this product was educational i think i could of made some better slide stills than these ones having said that this product does amuse have chasing me with her torch
Rachael adams
Rachael adams Reply to on 13 August 2018
When I first opened this I was very disappointed in the size but my little boy who it was for loves it and has took it everywhere with him and loves looking at the dinosaurs at night when he goes to bed would recommend to anyone who has a little person who loved dinosaur
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 August 2017
A lot smaller than I was expecting - would be helpful to have a coin pictures next to it to judge the scale. Even for a 4 year old it was small in his hands and discs easily lost.
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