Asagao 55 Sport Highly Reflective Hi-Vis Slap On Wrist/Ankle Bands - Hot Pink - 4 Pack:Asagao
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55 Sport Highly Reflective Hi-Vis Slap On Wrist/Ankle Bands - Hot Pink - 4 Pack:Asagao

55 Sport
55 Sport Published in October 22, 2018, 9:13 pm
 55 Sport Highly Reflective Hi-Vis Slap On Wrist/Ankle Bands - Hot Pink - 4 Pack:Asagao

55 Sport Highly Reflective Hi-Vis Slap On Wrist/Ankle Bands - Hot Pink - 4 Pack:Asagao

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Thistlefee Reply to on 17 May 2018
I bought the pack and within a week two had fallen from my trouser leg and were lost. After the first loss I was very careful in fitting these but another still was lost whilst cycling. I managed to catch another that was reforming to its default coiled state and saw that it was curling back into a tight loop.
I have given the remaining straps to my 6 years old grandson whose ankles are much smaller than mine so he might have more success.
A. E. Justice-Mills
A. E. Justice-Mills Reply to on 18 March 2018
These reflecting strips are easily long enough for ankles. They are strong too, gripping tightly and comfortable to wear. Easy to put on, tricky to take off or store (they are very curly).

I got yellow, most blokey perhaps, was tempted by blue. Maybe a mixed pack for kids?
Only just bought them, so can't say anything about durability.
Phobos73 Reply to on 6 May 2017
I use these around my ankles when cycling as they're highly visible during the day and reflective after dark . Apparently it's a good idea to have your "moving parts" highly visible, which in the case of a cyclist are your lower legs, ankles and feet. A good product and good value considering you get eight of them. Each one is a decent length, too.
Ned Reply to on 11 November 2016
They are bright and reflect well. They curl and return to the straight but not as crisp in action or as well built as the ones in bought in Halfords last year,
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Reply to on 9 November 2017
Great product. I use as cycle clips. Extra long to hold thicker jeans in place. Very Refective. At night will use an extra pair as arm bands.
Marguerite Reply to on 4 December 2017
For me they were useless: not only did they slap on, they also snapped off while riding down the road. They might be OK on wrists, and they might suit people with thin legs in summer clothing, but not otherwise. What I am looking for is a pair of soft, elasticated, day-glo, velcro-fastened trouser bands, which I have had before, but I can't find them on line now.
MR STEVEN J HARPER Reply to on 21 May 2018
The goods ordered are great, however they were approx. 1.5" x 1.5" size and came in a HUGE cardboard box!
Miss Helen Warner
Miss Helen Warner Reply to on 5 April 2017
Does what it says on the tin. Great reflective strips for going out early morning, late evening. Easy to put on - over clothes, on your arm, ankle, dog lead whatever.
Mark Reply to on 23 June 2017
I've had one break (inner metal strap break through the reflective cover), but for the price they're great, better than my previous (more expensive) ones.
Lisa Jr
Lisa Jr Reply to on 5 March 2017
Super fast delivery and great item. Ordered 2 lots now and highly recommend to those out at night running or wot not.... gotta be seen to be safe.
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